Apoorva, from Ahmedabad. I'm an architect interested in digital fabrication technology to design for human habitats - designing products/furniture/structures etc.
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Anjan Babu anjanbabu
I'm Anjan Babu from Bangalore. I'm a mechatronics engineer with a love for design, mechanics & materials. I enjoy working with people and solving problems in creative ways, I focus my time and energy on machine design, product development, system design & structure design for drones/UAVs. When I'm not working, I'm scouting for ice cream shops & breezy spots. 
Nothing is impossible, only mathematically improbable. 

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Akshay Goharkar Akshay Goharkar

I’m Akshay from Hyderabad. Experienced Laboratory Instructor/Maker with a demonstrated history of working in the Fablab/Makerspace/Prototyping places/Product releasing Labs. Skilled in Digital fabrication, CNC programming, CAD, CAM, Woodworking, Laser engraving, 3D printing Etc.

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I'm Sameer Yeleswarapu, Industrial Designer and Toy/Game Inventor. I'm currently the Chief Designer of Quolt Enterprises (www.quolt.com) a product design firm based in Kondapur, Hyderabad.
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I am Karthik, Mechanical Design Engineer from Warangal, I love to solve problems, ideating, design and create new products. Currently, I am in 4th year of my under-graduation. Its very good to meet all of you in this forum🙂.
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I am Abhijit Nair from Mumbai, a Printing and Packaging engineer working in the field of Rapid Prototyping/additive manufacturing/3D printing 
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Hi, I am Madhukar, Mechanical Engineer. I have been working on additive manufacturing technologies. 
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Sridhar Palla
Hi, I'm a Sridhar, a software engineer from Pittsburgh, USA. But I'm interested and got exposed to propulsion technologies.
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Vijay kumar kunchum from Hyderabad. I am a wood worker and wood finisher. I design and make furniture with sold wood, panel material and now bamboo. I am not a wood worker in the classical style, but one could say I am conversant with the modern tools and techniques. Some day I will teach myself classical wood working too. Solid wood working and wood finishing is a pleasure and anyone who is interested in the subject I am more than willing to help out. 
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Hello all. I'm Pradeep Palelli from Hyderabad. I represent THANOS. THANOS is a Hyderabad based drone technology company building innovative aerial solutions for conventional terrestrial problems. We design and build in-house drones for applications such as Agricultural Spraying, High Endurance Surveillance and Payload Delivery.
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Harsha Kanumalla
Hello all.
I'm Harsha Vardhan from Hyderabad. I represent Uton Energia. Uton Energia primarily focuses on tackling the shortcomings of present electric vehicle scenario and give a new direction to urban micro- mobility. 
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Hi everyone,
I am Harshit. I am an Embedded Engineer at a warehouse automation startup on weekdays and Maker on weekends. Recently I've been working on converting my 3D printer into a laser engraver. I am interested in EVs, 3D printers, robots, low cost dev boards, etc. Also, I love sketching.

Visit my blog - https://sites.google.com/view/kabaadiwala 
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Hi everyone, I am Teja from hyderabd ,working as R&D Engineer , I  have vast experience Solar Power Plants, Biomass energy Plants, Sugar factories and Automation Industries. I  also have very good hands on experience with Arduinos, ARM processors, PLC and DCS.

I am here to share the knowledge of Electric vehicle prototyping which works with higher efficiency , advanced safety and vehicle to vehicle Mesh networking communication for Artificial Intelligent based Driving.
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