Hi, I am Sameer from Quolt Enterprises. We are designing the plastic enclosure of a communication device and need to shield the ABS plastic shell with some form of EMI shielding paint or electroplating process which works for plastics. Is there a company or a facility in Hyderabad or India who can do it for us? We can ship the enclosure.

Found some info on this online:



 610.jpg coatings_for_emi_shielding.jpg  vutech_silver_copper_spraying.jpg 
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Sivaram Varun
Hello Sameer,

You can check out Nanospan a Hyderabad startup into conductive inks.
also another vendor who is from Hyderabad is SCH India who is into conformal coatings. The vendor require more specifications of your product to help you.

You can contact both of them and share your final results here so others can find it helpful.

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